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About Us

What we think, we become

Clothes are more powerful than we think. They influence not only what others think of us but—far more importantly—what we think of ourselves. They shape what we think is possible. Our STEM clothing for girls is designed to empower her so she can have the confidence to be anything she chooses. We take great pride in providing positive messages that build her confidence and inspire her to achieve her dreams!

That’s why what clothing says matters—especially for our daughters. Mom to mom, you know what I mean. We deserve more than cutesy shirts. Big girls and little girls alike are fierce and fancy, smart and sweet, driven and natural leaders. And we should have clothing that reflects all that we are and all that we can become.

That’s what How I Girl is really about—letting girls decide what being a fantastic, clever, talented, and capable girl means to them. We believe in empowering girls to bring their whole selves to the world, because we’re all better for it.

When we’re free to be who we are, beautiful in diversity, true to what makes each of us one-of-a-kind, then we live life to the fullest. By giving your girl confidence in her own skin, you give her a gift she carries with her into the world.

It starts now, and it starts with what she wears.


About me

I’m the mother of two awesome children—a four-year-old daughter and a eight-year-old son.

While it’s always been easy to find clothing that reflects my son’s interests, I struggled to find clothing that celebrates my daughter’s. She loves sparkles and rainbows and trucks and robots—but why should her clothes only reflect half of what makes her HER? My ‘aha’ moment was to design t-shirts for her—and once I saw how she lit up from within, How I Girl was born.


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